4 Things you didn’t know your optometrist could do

Global eye Hospital Hyderabad India Blogs - 4 Things you didnt know your optometrist could do

Our eyes play an essential role in our lives. To ensure that we comfortably perform our daily activities such as reading, writing, driving our vision is crucial for our quality of life. Unfortunately, such problems as dry eyes, distorted vision or any other eye problems or minor eye procedures gone wrong can affect our ability to live as an individual. 

Fortunately, our optometrist can help us protect our sight and quality of life. 

Things we didn’t know that our optometrist could do: 

1. Our optometrist can help us find the right pair of glasses and contact lenses:

Finding the right pair of glasses or contact lenses would give us the feeling that we have got a new pair of eyes. The optometrist can diagnose our prescription for eyeglasses and also suggest/recommend us various types of glasses, frames, lens as per our budget and style. When it comes to contact lenses, the optometrist will guide how to wear the contact lens. Most importantly, they guide us of the red flags on wearing contact lenses so that we would not damage our eyes and avoid any eye infection 

2. Our optometrist can ensure we achieve total eye health:

We as adults should be getting a comprehensive eye checkup once a year. During a comprehensive eye checkup, the optometrist gets to look at our entire eye and visual system to complete preventive eye health care. The eye exam can include getting a prescription, measurements for optical clarity, colour vision and assessment of general ocular health 

3. Our optometrist can provide critical pre and postoperative care:

Whether you require cataract surgery or LASIK, our optometrist can provide us with critical pre and postoperative care to ensure that we are getting the proper care. They can also provide postoperative care advice to promote healing and protect your vision. 

4. Our optometrist catch eye diseases early on and prevent vision loss: 

During an eye exam, your optometrist will be able to diagnose early signs of any significant eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma. This will allow them to treat any condition immediately, lowering your risk for vision loss. 


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