What causes low vision, and how to deal with it.

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Low vision seems to be a new term, right? Well, you are not wrong. Low vision is a condition which is untreatable with glasses, surgery, medication etc. A person may have low vision if they find it difficult

  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Recognising people
  • Distinguishing colours

and many other tasks.

Low Vision | Global Eye Hospital
Low vision

Types of low vision

There are different types of low vision based on the condition the person is affected by,

  • Central vision loss: Not being able to see things in the centre
  • Peripheral vision: Not being able to see things to the side
  • Night blindness: Not being able to see in low light or darkness
  • Blurry or hazy vision: If images appear blurred.

According to the American optometric association, low vision is further categorised into two categories.

  • A person is considered partially sighted if his vision range is between 20/70 and 20/200 
  • A person is legally blind if his sight is no better than 20/200 range.

Causes of low vision

There are a lot of reasons which cause low vision. The causes range from minor eye injuries to major eye diseases. Here are some common eye conditions which cause low vision.

Other causes of low vision include brain injury, eye cancer, albinism, inherited disorders related to the eyes and many more.

Diagnosis of low vision

At The Best Eye Care Hospital in Hyderabad, the doctor will perform a complete eye check-up to get a clear picture of the condition of your eyes. The test includes testing your visual activity with unique charts with letters of different font sizes. The doctor will use a slit lamp to view your eye in a spherical dimension. Finally, to get the overall picture inside your eyeball, the doctor will perform a dilated eye exam by pouring special eye drops into your eye. After a few minutes, your eyes will be ready for the exam. After the procedure, the doctor will assess your condition and prescribe proper treatment.

Diagnosis by slit-lamp | Global Eye Hospital
Diagnosis with Slit Lamp

Treatment for low vision

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for low vision as it is a permanent condition. Getting glasses, medicines, or surgery may improve the situation somewhat but will not be a solution. The treatment depends on the type of condition that caused you the low vision and the severity of the case. Better consult a Top Ophthalmologist in Hyderabad to get a clear picture.

How to live with low vision

If the severity of the case is low, proper treatment at the Best Eye Care Hospital in Hyderabad can be given to restore the vision. If the condition is considered permanent, certain visual aids can be helpful.

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Telescopic glasses
  • Lenses that filter light

And many more.


The low vision condition is not a direct disease like other eye diseases. It occurs when the existing situation is not treated correctly. Regular eye check-ups, taking good care of your eyes, etc., can prevent you from getting a low vision. Remember, prevention is always better than treatment.

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