Emergency Eye Care: What to Do in a Sudden Eye Injury or Condition

Emergency Eye Care - Global Eye Hospital

Your eyes are precious, and any sudden injury or condition affecting them can be alarming. Knowing how to respond swiftly to an eye emergency can make a crucial difference in preventing further damage and preserving your vision.

Emergency Eye Care What to Do in a Sudden Eye Injury or Condition - Global Eye Hospital

1. Stay Calm, Act Quickly

In moments of distress, it’s vital to stay composed. Reacting hastily might exacerbate the situation. If you or someone experiences an eye injury:

2. Assess the Situation

Evaluate the severity of the injury. If a foreign object enters the eye, do not rub it. Gently close the eye to prevent movement and seek immediate medical assistance.

3. Rinse with Clean Water

Use clean water to flush the eye out for objects in the eye. Hold the affected eye under a gentle stream of lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes. Avoid using pressure while rinsing.

4. Do Not Apply Pressure or Attempt to Remove Objects

Avoid pressing the eye or attempting to remove an embedded object. This might cause further damage. Let the professionals handle the situation.

5. Cover the Eye

Cover a laceration or foreign object protruding from the eye lightly with a protective shield. Use a paper cup or something similar to shield the eye from further injury.

6. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Contact the nearest eye care facility or, if necessary, visit the emergency room immediately. Time is crucial in preserving vision during eye emergencies.

7. Avoid Self-Medication

Refrain from applying ointments or medication to the affected eye without professional guidance. Self-medication can worsen the injury or result in infections.

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