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Peripheral vision, also known as tunnel vision, means not directly looking in that direction, but you can see what is there not clearly as ice but somewhat blurred imagery. The eyes can only see clearly in the center because of Fovea in the retina. The human eye is designed to see things clearly in the center. That central vision accounts for just 1%, and the remaining 99% visual field is peripheral vision. Just as central vision, peripheral vision is also essential. But it can also be affected due to certain eye conditions. Losing peripheral vision makes it hard for your regular orientation in visual activity.

Eye strain [ Peripheral Vision ] | Global Eye Hospital

Causes of peripheral vision loss

Peripheral vision loss can occur due to underlying eye conditions or health issues. Migraines can cause temporary loss of peripheral vision. Some diseases cause permanent loss of peripheral vision. Have a look at those conditions.

  • Glaucoma occurs when excess fluid builds up in your eye, causing damage to the retina and the eye’s optic nerve. If this condition is left untreated, vision loss can become permanent.
  • Retinitis pigmentosa is a rare condition affecting your night, central, and peripheral vision. This condition causes cell breakdown in the retina, causing vision loss.
  • Scotoma is not a natural eye condition; it occurs because of some other eye condition. It is a blind spot in the retina which obstructs the vision. This blind spot makes it difficult to look around.
  • Diabetic retinopathy occurs due to diabetes where the retina is damaged, causing vision loss. Early diagnosis and treatment will reduce the effects of diabetic retinopathy.
  • Macular degeneration is also one of the reasons for peripheral vision loss. This condition blurs the central vision, but peripheral vision is also affected if the severity is greater.

Symptoms of peripheral vision loss

The symptoms would be related to performing everyday activities normally. The symptoms are

  • Bumping into objects while walking
  • Difficulty driving both day and night
  • Difficulty navigating in crowded space

And many more

Difficulty reading [ Peripheral Vision ] | Global Eye Hospital

Treatment for vision loss

If the condition’s severity worsens, your peripheral vision may not be restored. It is better to visit your doctor at the Best Eye Care Hospital in Hyderabad immediately as soon as possible to get a clear picture of your situation. Some research suggests using prescribed glasses with a prism to assist in peripheral vision, but this topic still needs research and is not a solution yet.


Losing our peripheral vision will cause hardships in our day-to-day activities and affect overall life. Learning to care for yourself with certain helpful aids will help you lead your life peacefully.

  • Talk with your doctor at the Best Eye Care Hospital in Hyderabad about what to do next
  • Discuss the problem with your family and friends
  • Modify your house for easy navigation
  • Use bright lights in dim rooms

And many more

Not just peripheral vision, complete vision loss is challenging as it makes our life difficult, but having the support of your doctor- the Best Eye Specialist in Hyderabad, friends & family will make you ready to face the situation.

We always say this but listen to it again. Take good care of your eyes to avoid this kind of situation. Prevention is always better than cure.

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