What Is Pterygium, And Why Should You Take Action?

What Is Pterygium, And Why Should You Take Action - Global Eye Hospital

The growth of conjunctiva or mucous membrane covering the white part of your eye is known as a pterygium. Although it is not one form of cancer, it is often shaped like a wedge. Typically, a pterygium will not cause symptoms or require treatment, but it can be removed if it interferes with your vision. The growth may be noticed in just one eye or both. If it impacts both, it is bilateral Pterygium.

What Is Pterygium, And Why Should You Take Action - Introduction of pterygium - Global Eye Hospital

What are the causes of Pterygium?

The exact cause of Pterygium isn’t known. Possible explanations include the thought that too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light may cause this issue. This condition is more common in people who live in places with lots of heat and windy environments. It’s because people living in such areas are prone to be exposed to some aspects like,

  • Sand particles
  • Pollen
  • Pollutants 


What are the symptoms of Pterygium?

A pterygium doesn’t always cause symptoms. When it does, it typically results in symptoms that aren’t severe. Commonly reported symptoms include redness, blurred vision, and eye irritation. You may even feel a burning sensation or itchiness.

A pterygium can obstruct your line of sight if you acquire one too large to fit over your vision. You may be upset when your Pterygium is thick or more extensive because it feels like something is in your eye. Because you may be too uncomfortable wearing contact lenses when you have a pterygium, you might not want to stay wearing them.

What Is Pterygium, And Why Should You Take Action - Symptoms of pterygium - Global Eye Hospital
Symptoms of Pterygium

How is Pterygium diagnosed?

Diagnosis of a pterygium is made with a slit lamp. This lamp lets your doctor see your eye using magnification and bright illumination. In some cases, additional tests may be necessary, like,

  • Visual acuity test, which involves reading alphabets and numbers of different sizes on an eye chart
  • There is a medical mapping technique called corneal topography, which determines the changes in the curvature of your cornea.
  • In some cases, photo documentation is maintained to keep track of the growth of Pterygium.

What are the treatment options for Pterygium?

The Pterygium will usually require no medical treatment unless it is preventing your vision or causing severe discomfort. Your ophthalmologist may need regular eye exams to determine if the growth of your Pterygium is causing vision problems.

Your ophthalmologist, preferably the best ophthalmologist in Hyderabad might prescribe eye drops or ointments consisting of corticosteroids to relieve irritation caused by Pterygium.

Surgery may be recommended if eye drops and ointments don’t relieve your Pterygium. Your physician may also recommend surgery if your Pterygium results in loss of vision, which is called astigmatism or blurry vision. You can also undergo surgery for cosmetic reasons.

What Is Pterygium, And Why Should You Take Action - Treatment for pterygium - Global Eye Hospital
Treatment for Pterygium


Try to minimise exposure to environmental elements that could cause a pterygium whenever possible. You can halt the progression of your Pterygium by wearing sunglasses or a cap to shield your eyes from wind, dirt, and sunlight. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent the diagnosis of Pterygium.

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