The best briefing about Eyelid lesion removal

The best briefing you could ever get about Eyelid lesion removal - Global Eye Hospital

An eyelid lesion is a growth that develops on the eyelid and inside the eyelid. This can be anything from a harmless lump to a severe tumour. Lesions may appear on the eyelid for various reasons, including infection, benign and malignant tumours, and structural problems.

Though most of the lesions which grow on the eyelid aren’t cancerous or harmful to your vision, it’s essential to have them evaluated by your ophthalmologist to rule out any potential risks. The correct treatment for eyelid lesions will depend on an accurate diagnosis. While some may improve with warm compresses and antibiotics, others may require removal, freezing or laser treatment.

The best briefing you could ever get about Eyelid lesion removal - Eyelid lesion - Global Eye Hospital
Eyelid lesion removal

Types of eyelid lesions:

There are two main categories of eyelid lesions.

  • Benign eyelid lesions – noncancerous
  • Malignant eyelid lesions – cancerous

Benign eyelid lesions: Lesions come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They may be pigmented or flesh-coloured and don’t cause pain or discomfort. That is unless they are scratched. If you scratch one of these lesions, they may bleed and become painful.

Malignant eyelid lesions: When malignant lesions grow on the lower eyelid, they may appear dark purple, light brown, red, or flesh-coloured. The lesions might change colour, become more widespread, or refuse to heal.

Diagnosis of eyelid lesions

An eye exam provides access to the sufficient details required to diagnose an eye condition. The factors listed below should be taken into consideration during the test.

  • Pre-existing condition of skin cancer
  • A variation in the size or appearance of a lesion
  • Any case of recurrence of the previously treated tumour
  • The duration of the problem

Along with the points mentioned above, the ophthalmologist will also examine the structure of the eyelid. The doctor will look for problems like,

  • Problem in retraction
  • Excessive production of tears
  • Eyelashes in misdirected positions


The best briefing you could ever get about Eyelid lesion removal - Eyelid lesion diagnosis - Global Eye Hospital
Diagnosis of eyelid lesions

Treatment for eyelid lesions

Benign eyelid lesions usually go away with treatment. However, if lesions are impacting your vision or causing a lot of suffering, they may not be able to be surgically cured. If malignant lesions are left uncorrected, they can cause damage to your ocular health.

Your ophthalmologist will most likely be able to treat superficial eyelid lesions without extensive therapy. If the symptoms are severe and substantially alter your vision or health, surgery may be necessary to remove the lesion. In some other cases, malignant lesions require expert therapy because they can permanently affect your eyesight.

The best briefing you could ever get about Eyelid lesion removal - Eyes Checkup - Global Eye Hospital
Eyes Checkup

Are you experiencing symptoms of eyelid lesions?

It’s better to get tested and know the status of your condition from one of the most reputed eye care hospitals in Hyderabad. At Global Eye Hospital, we are well-equipped and experienced in offering all treatment options for eyelid lesions.

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