Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion

Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion - Global Eye Hospital

A punctal plug insertion procedure is a minor eye procedure performed to manage dry eyes condition.

Small plugs are inserted into the eye’s tear ducts (puncta). Their size is roughly that of a grain of rice, and they stop fluid from draining out of the eye. This feature promotes comfort and moistness to the eye, thereby alleviating inflammation and burning.

Punctal plugs are also known as occluders or lacrimal plugs. They are usually placed at the tip of the upper or lower eyelids. Another plug can be implanted in the deeper part of the tears duct (the canaliculus).

Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion -Punctal Plug Insertion - Global Eye Hospital
Punctal Plug Insertion

List of things to know beforehand:

1. How can one prepare for this procedure?

Before you get punctal plugs, you’ll be required to complete a comprehensive eye exam at the center for eye care. You can choose the type of punctal plugs you have with your doctor’s consent. Punctal plugs made of collagen last for a month or two and dissolve after several months. Plugs made from silicone are meant to last for years. Punctal plugs are chosen according to the size of your tear duct. The point to note is that this procedure does not need general anaesthesia.

2. What is the procedure for inserting punctal plugs?

The punctal plugs insertion is performed on an outpatient basis. This pain-free procedure is non-invasive, requiring only anaesthetic eye drops. 

Your doctor at the best eye care hospital in Hyderabad is likely to use an instrument to insert the plugs. You might have some discomfort, but it’s rarely painful. The minor eye procedure should not take more than a few minutes. After the plugs are put in, you should not be able to feel them.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion - Eye Drops - Global Eye Hospital
Eye Drops

3. How will be the recovery process?

You can resume your day-to-day activities immediately. 

A temporary plug will dissolve on its own within one or two months. You should see this return of your dry eye problem as a sign to pick the permanent version of the punctal plugs. If you have severe dry eyes condition or acquired infections from punctal plugs, you may need to visit your doctor.

4. What is the scope of possible complications?

Infection can potentially trigger complications consisting of pain, redness, and drainage. Medication can usually handle these infections. If not, your pus might have to be drained through surgical procedures.

It’s also possible for the plug to move out of place, which is why it must be removed. If the plug falls out, it’s probably because it is too small. Your doctor can repeat the procedure using a bigger plug.

Punctal plugs can be removed with little mess since they are put back in. If the plug has moved out of place, your doctor can flush it with saline solution. Otherwise, a pair of tweezers is all that is required.

What are the other possible treatment options for dry eyes syndrome?

There is no cure in sight for dry eyes condition. The main goal of treatment is to alleviate symptoms. According to the 2015 annual report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, punctal plugs positively impact those with moderately dry eyes who do not respond to topical lubrication. Serious complications rarely occur.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion - Dry Eyes - Global Eye Hospital
Dry Eyes


It’s up to you whether you want to get a punctal plug insertion treatment. Here are some tips for managing dry eyes symptom.

  • Give your eyes a proper amount of rest
  • Use an air filter indoors
  • Shield your eyes in the outdoors with sunglasses
  • Ensure adequate moisture in your eyes


Things You Should Know Before Getting Punctal Plug Insertion - Getting the required amount of sleep - Global Eye Hospital
Getting the required amount of sleep

Are you experiencing symptoms of dry eyes?

It’s better to get tested and know the status of your condition at the best eye care hospital in Hyderabad. At Global Eye Hospital Narsingi, we are well-equipped and experienced in offering all treatment options for dry eyes.

Book your appointment now for all eye-related services with an eye specialist in Hyderabad.

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